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our why

We help discerning property investors create spaces that accommodate healthy, sustainable lifestyles that maintain a connection to nature. Our unique brand of Eco-Architecture aims to replace typical claustrophobic and unhealthy buildings with beautiful spaces that look and feel in harmony with the natural environment.

This type of architecture can boost investment value for owners, improve profitability for developers and create safe, comfortable spaces that improve quality of life for inhabitants. It can solve seemingly insurmountable problems in unexpected ways and forever change the way we interact with our man-made as well as our natural environment.


Xeno-Urban Architects is a SACAP registered architecture firm with the highest category of professional registration. We are based in George on the Western Cape's Garden route, but we are set up to work remotely all over Southern Africa and by using an innovative and flexible corporate structure, we are able to assemble teams of various sizes to ensure the right level of manpower, skill and individual attention for the success of any project.   

We have over a decade of experience in large and small scale residential and hospitality projects and we know how to imbue our work with the perfect mix of quality, innovation, sustainability and green features. We also engage in joint ventures, partnerships and project initiation and are willing to negotiate custom service structures to suit unique project conditions.

An innovative building with round windows flanking a river.


Beautiful Villa


We use the latest technologies in cloud computing and project management software to run a 'virtual' office with flexible teams working remotely from different locations while always being securely connected with the latest information. We also use the most advanced 3D and BIM software the industry has to offer to create detailed virtual buildings to be experienced in realistic 3D before a single brick is laid. This improves coordination and communication to make sure that design vision and constructed reality are closely aligned. 


We offer multiple individual services and combined packages to suit the unique needs and budgets of all our clients. To learn more about the packages we offer, just click the button below.

Modern Housing Complex

our team

XUA was started by Ruan Bosman, a SACAP registered professional architect with a passion both for contemporary design and the transformative power of human ingenuity. Ruan has a Master of Architecture and an Honour’s degree from the University of the Witwatersrand as well as a Bachelor of Sciences in Architecture from the University of Pretoria. He has worked as a professional in the industry since 2013, gaining valuable experience on projects ranging from small residential additions to large multi-billion rand mixed-use developments. To view Ruan's personal CV and portfolio, simply click on THIS LINK.


XUA functions as a collaborative network of architectural professionals. As such, Ruan actively leads a flexible team of architectural professionals who use remote working technologies to co-operate on and complete projects all over the country. Using this network, we are able to expand and customise project teams to include all the man-power and skills necessary to deliver the highest quality service on any given project, all while ensuring every project is personally overseen by a registered professional architect with the highest possible qualification.

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