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Imagine. Design. Create.

Our Story.

We are a small passionate team that brings architecture, design and art together in one place, to create Décor and Signage that is unique and elegant.

In collaboration with Xeno-Urban Architects, we design and create art pieces that you won't find anywhere else. 

Our products tell a story with a unique aesthetic blend of contemporary and organic, simple and natural.

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Our Story


All our Art Décor starts with concepts abstracted from nature. We love coming up with unique ideas and also love to listen to the ideas our customers have for their space.

Our goal is to bring you something that you will not find anywhere in a shop.



With the help of a professional architect and a creative team, we design only the best Art Décor and Signage. Our designs are first done through digital drawings and renders which can be refined until we are happy that we will be creating something elegant and beautiful.



We make all our Art Décor and Signage in our own workshop, combining hi-tech and traditional techniques.  With the use of a laser cutter we turn the digital design into reality and then all pieces are finished and painted by hand by our skilled artist.


We want our Décor to be a center piece in your home and create a sense of luxury.

Not only do we design our own line of luxurious art, but we can also help to bring your unique idea to life

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